The Speechville web site is dedicated to those who struggle with communicating, as well as the parents and professionals that care for them.

The original Speechville was founded by a number of individuals who share the belief that individuals and organizations working together help bring even greater awareness and help to those with communication problems:

Lisa Geng, Founder and President of the nonprofit CHERAB Foundation, a world-wide nonprofit organization working to improve the communication skills and education of all children with speech and language delays and disorders. Co-author of The Late Talker book, and parent of two “late talker” children.

Rhonda Jacobson, co-founder of ECHO, a non-profit that offers resources, information, friendship and support to those whose lives are touched by a late-talking child, and parent to a child with apraxia of speech.

Gina Mikel, who co-founded Apraxia-Kids and built and hosted the website for over half a decade from origin, and parent to a daughter with apraxia.

Tricia Morin, Founder of SPEAK of Missouri and parent of a son with a speech disorder.

Cindy Mustafa, who is an Outreach Coordinator for CHERAB, and parent of two children with communication impairments.

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Parent Board: The Speechville Express website board members are from all over North America, and are parents and advocates for all special needs children.

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